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At Omnia, we do research to obtain the best results in every field.

We develop tools and products to increase your business capabilities using the latest AI technologies.

We analyze current and past information to improve processes and enhance an intelligent decision making.

  • Process Automation

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Analysis and Forecasting

  • Business Intelligence

  • Omniatec Smart City



Integrate our tools and products into your business

  • Banking

  • Prevention

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Investment

  • Real Estate

  • Fraud

  • Healthcare

  • Environment

Machine Learning

Process Automation

Omnia optimizes time and processes using bots capable of autonomous decision making. These bots use Machine Learning models that constantly learn and improve their decision-making capacity. The models themselves are constantly adjusted and fed by the results obtained and new data.


Minimize the risk of failure in the execution of routine tasks.

for Growth

Increase the scalability of your business without incurring high costs.


Thanks to cost savings, you will be able to invest in the real growth of your company.


Natural Language Processing

Omnia possesses NLP tools that enable human-machine communication.

Our algorithms understand human communication, feelings, expressions, information, categories, and voice.

We analyze all kinds of information for commercial and academic purposes. We work with chatbots, semantic, syntactic and morphological parsers, predictive writing models and trained systems that are even capable of summarizing.

Document categorization

Proofreading and predictive analysis tools

Chatbots for customer communication

Network sentiment analysis

Future Projections

Analysis and Forecasting

Omnia’s tools allow you to analyze and make predictions about your company’s metrics.

They also make it possible to interpolate series data and produce future estimates of the models created.

This is how, for example, the Omniatec device analyzes pollution data from different points in the city and processes it to obtain city-wide pollution interpolations and forecasts of what will happen in the next few hours.

Big data analysis and storage

Business intelligence-based forecasts


Business Intelligence

Omnia develops Business Intelligence tools tailored to each business – predictive sales curves, market caps, non-payment and renewal prediction, user behavior, data visualization and analysis systems – and the list goes on. Omnia converts the company’s databases into useful information.

Real-time Data Visualization

Base all decisions on the analysis of data available at any given moment.

Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Gain a deeper, data-driven understanding of your company.

Prediction and Forecasting

With predictive algorithms you can obtain future predictions based on historical series.

Omniatec Smart City

The integrated product that analyzes pollutants in urban areas in real time. Omniatec is a device that collects comprehensive information on pollution which can be installed both on mobile vehicles and static posts. Through the measurements taken at these stations, Omniatec Smart City uses the data collected to perform an intelligent analysis and obtain interpolated data for the entire city area, as well as to make future predictions.

Measurement of Pollutants

Carbon monoxide (CO),
Carbon dioxide (CO2),
Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq),
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs),
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2),
Ozone (O3),
PM2.5 and PM10: suspended particles of less than 2.5 and 10 microns respectively; and
Noise pollution

into Vehicles

Integrated in cabs or public vehicles

Available for
Fixed Posts

Available for installation on canopies, rooftops, etc.

Temperature and
Humidity Measurement

o Temperature and humidity

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